From festivals to skydiving: suits for all occasions

Published 7:08 AM ET, Thu October 22, 2015
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With Halloween around the corner, expect a plague of grisly monsters in skin tight "onesies." MORPHCOSTUMES
Morphsuits have quickly achieved global popularity, accompanying the most audacious stunts. MORPHCOSTUMES
The suits, from Scottish brothers Ali and Fraser Smeaton, and their fellow University of Edinburgh graduate Gregor Lawson, are also an institution of music festivals... morphcostumes
...for performers as well as the audience. morphcostumes
Morphsuits built its success on social media, soliciting wearers' best pictures through competitions and giveaways. MORPHCOSTUMES
To stay ahead of competitors, the company secured licenses from companies such as Marvel Comics to produce costumes of its characters. MORPHCOSTUMES
Licensed Power Rangers suits have also been popular. Anthony Hunt
Stunts such as an "invisibility suit" launched on April 1 helped maintain their profile. MORPHCOSTUMES
The company also recruited a NASA engineer to animate suits such as this cyborg. MORPH COSTUMES
The suits are now sold in 25 countries and the company turns over more than $15 million a year. MORPHCOSTUMES
The focus will always remain on parties, and promising the wearer an edge. morphcostumes
The march of the morpshuits shows no signs of slowing. morphcostumes