CNN Student News - October 23, 2015

CNN Student News - 10/23/15


    CNN Student News - 10/23/15


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October 23, 2015

Today's events coverage begins with reports on a dangerous special operations mission in northern Iraq and a hearing on Capitol Hill. From there, we delve into the world of venture capital, defining the term as investors commit tens of billions to U.S. companies. And after discussing color blindness, we test a pair of special lenses to see if they help people with the condition.
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1. This week, a super typhoon named Koppu made landfall and then hovered over what Pacific island nation?
2. In what country would you find the world's largest refugee camp, where hundreds of thousands of people live?
3. Name the place that's officially a special administrative region of China, where large protests shut down parts of a business district last year.
4. Name the U.S. university where students held a vote this week on whether to continue to allow a state flag to fly over campus.
5. What organization is led by Ban Ki-moon, who traveled to Jerusalem this week to try to calm tensions between Israelis and Palestinians?
6. In what nation did a recent election replace incumbent Prime Minister Stephen Harper with Prime Minister-Designate Justin Trudeau?
7. A fata morgana, which is caused by light rays passing through layers of different temperatures, is also known by what one-word term?
8. In what's believed to be his first trip abroad since Syria's civil war began, President Bashar al-Assad traveled to what world capital?
9. Featured on Friday's show, what term describes a high-risk investment in a startup company that has the potential for a large profit?
10. A person with protanopia likely has trouble distinguishing between what two colors?
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