Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump hit 'new low' on Russia comments

Story highlights

  • Graham: Trump has no idea what to do in the Middle East
  • Graham says that Trump's policies are "chillingly dangerous"

Washington (CNN)Lindsey Graham said Donald Trump's push to have Russia fight America's battles in the Middle East is "a new low."

"The bottom line is that now Donald Trump says he will allow the Russians to fight ISIL," he said Thursday on CNN's "New Day." "This is a new low for me in this primary process. Our leading candidate is now suggesting we allow Russia to destroy ISIL. That we're outsourcing the defense of the American homeland to Putin. That's beyond crazy."
Trump has repeatedly said that the U.S. should let Russia fight ISIS.
    "The one thing I can tell you is Mr. Trump's statements about Afghanistan, his statements about ISIL are chillingly dangerous to me. This man is naïve about the war on terror and how to win this war," he added.
    The South Carolina senator said Trump is ignorant about how best to approach the crisis in the Middle East and has flip-flopped on whether he would have gone into Afghanistan.
    "Mr. Trump has no idea what he's talking about. I don't care what the polls say. I know what's going on in Iraq and Syria. The whole place is falling apart," he said. "He's the most unprepared person in the entire field to be commander in chief and over time I think that will matter. Americans better wake up."