Living with ALS

Published 4:32 PM ET, Thu October 22, 2015
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Just as Sarah Coglianese's daughter, Scarlett, was learning to walk, Coglianese started to fall. Eventually, she was diagnosed with ALS. Click through the gallery to see more photos of Coglianese and her family. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
Coglianese married her husband, Rob, on September 19, 2008. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
Seen here together on Christmas Eve in 2009, Coglianese and her husband were thrilled to become parents. She had a normal, healthy pregnancy. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
On Christmas Eve the next year, they were thrilled to be holding baby Scarlett. Coglianese's ALS symptoms had not yet appeared. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
In August 2011, Coglianese was still undiagnosed, but began to fall for no reason, it seemed. Here, she and her daughter carefully navigate the stairs at her uncle's lake house. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
By January 2014, Coglianese had been officially diagnosed with ALS and was using a wheelchair. This photo was taken on Scarlett's first day of her final year of preschool. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
Cooking is one of Scarlett's favorite activities. She's seen here licking the spoon after making pesto sauce. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese
In June 2015, Coglianese was in the ICU for three days with pneumonia, which is typical for ALS patients. Scarlett came to visit and wore a mask and gloves. Courtesy Sarah Coglianese