Scientist create art with bacteria

Published 7:17 PM ET, Wed October 21, 2015
01 Agar Art Winners01 Agar Art Winners
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"Neurons" is the first place winner of the Agar Art Contest. It took two days for the bacteria to grow and take form. Mehmet Berkmen/New England Biolabs
The "NYC Biome Map" is a collaborative project between citizen scientists and artists and is the second place winner. Christine Marizzi/Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory/DNA Learning Center
"Harvest Season" is a creation by Maria Eugenia from India. She used a species of yeast to depict an image of a farmhouse in the fields. Maria Eugenia Inda/CSHL
"Cell to Cell" was the people's choice winner with almost 3500 likes on Facebook. Mehmet Berkmen/New England Biolabs
Scientist used bacteria to create a version of Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night." American Society for Microbiology
A combination of yeast and viruses are harvested to create a zenful petri art dish. American Society for Microbiology
Creators of "Tis the Pseudo" were inspired by the colors of the upcoming holiday season. American Society for Microbiology
Bifidobacteria micro flower was created using lactis, a commercial probiotic found in many foods. American Society for Microbiology
The artist used bacteria to create a pattern of cells. American Society for Microbiology
This artist used a strain of E. coli to create this Andy Warhol inspired petri art. American Society for Microbiology