Raising young sons at age 60

Published 8:49 PM ET, Sun October 18, 2015
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Skylor Cox, 3, jumps on his the back of his father, Faron, to give him little kisses at their home in Fordsville, Kentucky, in February 2014. Brittany Greeson
Faron Cox paces back and forth gathering wood for an open pit fire after a day of logging with his adult son Darrin. Their families depend on 55 acres of land for wood to heat their homes. Brittany Greeson
A car and an abandoned trailer sit on Faron Cox's property at sunrise. Brittany Greeson
Faron Cox Jr., 7, and Skylor Cox, 3, play on rope swings outside of their home. "When I first had my first three kids, back in the 70s, I thought that was it," Faron Cox Sr. said. "I wasn't thinking about having another wife or more kids and then more kids. It never entered my mind." Brittany Greeson
Skylor has a diaper changed by his dad. Brittany Greeson
Skylor and Faron Jr. play a video game while resting on a trampoline at their home. Brittany Greeson
A frame with an array of family photos hangs over a freshly cut stack of firewood at the family's home. Brittany Greeson
Faron Sr. doodles on a small piece of paper at his home. He said he loves to draw different shapes and patterns as a form of stress relief. Brittany Greeson
Skylor pretends to brush his dad's facial hair with a toothbrush. Brittany Greeson
Faron Sr. spends his morning cutting down trees to be later used as firewood. Brittany Greeson
Leaning by what he refers to as his "thinking window," Faron Sr. looks at his two young boys as they watch television. "It scares me thinking at my age you don't know how much longer you got left," he said. "I'm just hoping I live long enough to see the little things get on their feet. You often wonder what your kids are going to do or how they're going to react when you're gone." Brittany Greeson