A former child slave speaks up: How to stop modern-day slavery

Rani Hong: From slave to CEO
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    Rani Hong: From slave to CEO


Rani Hong: From slave to CEO 02:29

Story highlights

  • Rani Hong was sold into slavery as a child
  • She now runs an anti-trafficking NGO
  • Hong joined a live Twitter chat to discuss how we can all help to end slavery

The CNN Freedom Project wants to amplify the voices of the victims of modern-day slavery, highlight success stories and help unravel the tangle of criminal enterprises trading in human life.

(CNN)When Rani Hong was just seven years old she was taken from her family in India and sold into slavery. At an age when she should have been playing with dolls and making new friends at school, she was subjected to treatment that left her close to death.

The business of human trafficking
The business of human trafficking


    The business of human trafficking


The business of human trafficking 04:34
"I was transported to another state, where I did not speak the language, I was disoriented. I was afraid, and alone, crying for my mom to come get me," she recalled to CNN. "My captors used intimidation and force to control me."
Eventually she became so sick she was of little use to her "slave master" and was sold into illegal adoption in the United States, where she rebuilt her life.
    On International Day of the Girl, Hong -- who as an adult has devoted her life to fighting slavery -- joined a live Twitter chat to discuss how we can all do our part to end slavery.
    Here are excerpts from the chat, where Hong, survivors, anti-slavery NGOs and others share their advice on how we can help.

    1. Educate yourself

    2. Break the supply chain

    Honie is CEO the Tronie Foundation, a NGO she founded to raise awareness of modern-day slavery. One of its initiatives has been to create a "Freedom Seal," which identifies that a company is actively battling human trafficking:
    Other organizations are also working to tackle forced labor in supply chains.

    3. Silence is not golden

    It may be hard, but survivors can raise awareness of modern-day slavery by telling their own stories:
    Holly Smith, a surivior of child sex trafficking and now an anti-trafficking advocate had this to add:

    4. Talk to a neighbor

    Slavery can turn up in many forms, and closer to home than you might think:

    5. Spread the word on social media

    Social media is a tool we can all use to spread awareness.