Eric Trump: I 'wish' Donald Trump would get Secret Service protection

Eric Trump and Donald Trump attend The Eric Trump 8th Annual Golf Tournament  at Trump National Golf Club Westchester on September 15, 2014 in Briarcliff Manor, New York.

Washington (CNN)Count Donald Trump's son as one of the people who believe the Secret Service should already be protecting his father on the campaign trail.

Donald Trump first made the call in an interview published this week, saying he would already have protection if he were a Democrat.
On Friday, his son, Eric Trump, said it's up to the government whether to give a Secret Service detail to his father, but he hopes they will soon.
"I really wish they would, but I think in time it will come and hopefully sooner rather than later," Trump said when asked about the situation on "Fox and Friends" on Friday.
    The younger Trump said his father's rallies are attended by "mobs" of people and it creates a dangerous situation.
    "Every time I go to one of these events with him, there's 30,000 people, there's 40,000 people ... but it really only takes one," he said.
    The Secret Service said that once a request for protection is made, the Homeland Security secretary and congressional leaders makes a decision on whether to provide it. On Wednesday, DHS said a formal request had not been made, and on Friday morning they said they had no update on the situation.
    Trump had nothing but praise for his father Friday, calling him his "best friend" and "idol."
    "When you're in this rat race for the presidential election, that's a very tough thing," Trump said. "He's set his life aside to do something he believes in. ... It's a very selfless act."
    And he sounded a bit like his father in declining to name who Donald Trump might pick to fill out his administration.
    "He picks incredible people," Eric Trump said. "I think he would have the greatest cabinet in the history of cabinets."