Donald Trump: Bernie Sanders dragging Hillary Clinton to the left

Washington (CNN)Donald Trump says his Democratic counterpart Hillary Clinton is getting pulled leftward by her opponents -- and that's a risk for her in the general election.

"She's got a problem: She's got a maniac on the other side ... (Bernie Sanders is) a socialist slash communist," Trump said in an interview that aired Friday morning on Bloomberg TV. "Hillary is standing there listening to this and she's getting dragged over, she's getting dragged so far over to the left."
He said he watched Tuesday's Democratic debate and witnessed Clinton seemingly taking more liberal positions
"It was embarrassing," he said.
    The GOP front-runner was speaking with Bloomberg largely about financial issues, including banking and the Federal Reserve. He said the conversation Tuesday among Democrats about regulating the banking industry was misguided.
    "Dodd-Frank was a disaster," Trump said, referring to Wall Street reform legislation passed in 2010. He complained that the regulations are stifling the ability of banks to give loans to businesses.
    "The regulators are running the banks," he said.
    Trump also had harsh words for Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen and the Fed's decision to not raise interest rates.
    He called her a "political person" and said the move to keep interest rates low was more about protecting President Barack Obama than helping the economy.
    "What she's doing, and I'm sure that with the blessing of the President, because he doesn't want a recession or worse in his administration, so she's keeping rates low, get him out of here," Trump said, suggesting one of his own golf courses as the destination. "He's going to go play golf and somebody's going to suffer."
    He said the next president would inherit a mess because of it.
    "This is a political thing. When (rates) get raised, perhaps with the next president, you're going to see some bad things happen," Trump said.