Finding her strength

Published 9:17 AM ET, Fri October 16, 2015
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CrossFit athlete Jenny LaBaw is seen here at the 400-mile mark of a 500-mile run through the Rocky Mountains, from New Mexico to Wyoming. She is raising money for the Epilepsy Foundation of America. Courtesy Jenny LaBaw
In 2011, LaBaw came in sixth in the highly competitive CrossFit Games. This success gave her the confidence she needed to come forward with her biggest secret: She's had epilepsy since the age of 8. courtesy jenny labaw
LaBaw, seen here leading the pack during a 2012 workout, continues to compete.
LaBaw credits her boyfriend, Marcus Brown, with encouraging her along her journey. Courtesy Jenny LaBaw
LaBaw's run is expected to end on October 19, after one month. Here she is running near Silverton, Colorado. Courtesy Jenny LaBaw
LaBaw says she has been able to control her seizures for the past several years. Courtesy Jenny LaBaw