Being gay in South Korea

Published 3:58 AM ET, Fri October 16, 2015
south korea being gay 01south korea being gay 01
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Micky Kim, right, married his partner Tony Ruse two years ago in California. But in South Korea, no one knows about his marriage because he felt he couldn't tell them. Micky Kim/Tony Ruse
In South Korea, many in the LGBT community don't feel comfortable coming out to their family, friends and colleagues. Micky's family still thinks he has a girlfriend. Micky Kim/Tony Ruse
Micky remembers that feeling of confusion when he was a teenager. "Because you don't know anybody who's gay you think you're the only crazy person. So I was very suicidal sometimes and very depressed." Micky Kim/Tony Ruse
Micky and Tony are pictured enjoying the outdoors in the United States. Micky thinks the country's recent ruling in favor of marriage equality will help. Micky Kim/Tony Ruse