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Jeb Bush campaign reveals new fundraising totals
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Candidates often release medical records to prove they are literally fit for the Oval Office

The letter reveals private details about Bush

Concord, New Hampshire CNN  — 

Donald Trump may say he’s a “low-energy guy,” but Jeb Bush’s doctor says he’s in good shape to be president.

“He is in excellent physical and mental condition and able to serve in any stressful and demanding executive setting including the Office of the President of the United States,” Dr. Alberto A. Mitrani, an internist from South Florida who’s been Bush’s physician since 2007, wrote in a letter posted to Bush’s campaign website Thursday.

Bush met with Mitrani last month for the evaluation. Candidates often release medical records to prove they are literally fit for the Oval Office.

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The letter reveals private details about Bush, who has undergone one of the most written-about physical transformations of any politician during the past year. He’s shed more than 40 pounds since starting on the Paleo diet shortly after Thanksgiving.

Mitrani wrote that Bush’s Body Mass Index is 25.8, which is categorized as just barely overweight, according to BMI charts. Anything at 24.9 or lower is considered normal or healthy weight.

Thanks to his new eating habits, Mitrani wrote that Bush’s blood pressure and blood glucose have normalized after being mildly elevated in the past.

Because of his family history, it was recommended that he take a stress test, which found that he has the capacity to “complete high intensity physical activity.”

He does, however, have mild thickening of the carotid wall with normal blood flow, which is why he’s been taking Atorvastatin or Lipitor since 2013. That same year, his brother, former President George W. Bush, had to receive a stent to open up a blocked artery.

Jeb Bush’s prior medical history “includes vitamin D insufficiency, gastritis, colon polyps, sinusitis, and low back pain. Surgical history includes an appendectomy, a tonsillectomy, and arthroscopic knee surgery,” according to the letter.

While his prostate, skin and eye examinations have been “unremarkable,” Mitrani wrote, he will continue to have periodic colonoscopies due to the presence of previous colon polyps.