Dress with less

Updated 5:09 PM ET, Thu October 15, 2015
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For the past five years, Project 333 founder Courtney Carver has kept 33 items in her wardrobe for three months at a time, including shoes, outerwear and accessories. Here's how she creates her 33-piece capsule. Courtesy Courtney Carver
When choosing her capsule, she starts with signature items like a trench coat, boots or sunglasses and versatile pieces, like this blazer, that can work in various settings. Courtesy Courtney Carver
She almost regularly keeps two pairs of jeans -- one skinny, one bootcut -- from one season to the next, because everyone needs jeans! And they're suitable for different occasions. Courtesy Courtney Carver
Carver says to find a routine that works for you. For Project 333, Carver does not include wedding rings or sentimental jewelry she never takes off, underwear, sleepwear or workout clothes. Courtesy Courtney Carver
Weather matters, of course, so she chooses her items with the changing seasons in mind. Courtesy Courtney Carver
She does not get rid of her all clothing; whatever is not in her capsule goes into storage. At the end of a cycle, whatever she did not wear at least once gets donated. Courtesy Courtney Carver
Versatile accessories like scarves are key to creating new looks from the same pieces. Courtesy Courtney Carver
Carver recommends against holding on to items that "might fit someday" or saving them for sentimental reasons. Don't worry about what other people will think of what you keep or hold onto, and don't keep things just because they are expensive. Courtesy Courtney Carver
She regularly keeps one pair of flats in her wardrobe, along with one pair of heels, tall boots and walking shoes. Courtesy Courtney Carver
Carver gravitates toward neutral colors, but there are plenty of people who make colorful capsules work. Join a Facebook group or find a support community to stay accountable and find inspiration. Courtesy Courtney Carver