What mysteries will the new ‘X-Files’ hold?

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"X-Files" is returning to the air Sunday

David Duchovny and creator Chris Carter showed the first episode at New York Comic Con

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So “The X-Files” is coming back. Why now, after being off the air for 13 years?

Well, creator Chris Carter said at October’s New York Comic Con’s “X-Files” panel, look around.

“We live in a time where the government is suspect now, so that plays into what we’re doing. It revitalizes the show,” said Carter, who shared a panel with actors David Duchovny, Mitch Pileggi and Kumail Nanjiani.

Conspiracy theories and government secrets have long been as American as apple pie, but the original ’90s “X-Files” ramped up the mystery to new levels.

The long-running show, starring Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, inspired a pair of movies, helped such talents as “Breaking Bad’s” Vince Gilligan earn their bona fides and led to a generation of fans just wanting to believe – in the show’s mythology, at least.

The reboot, a six-episode run, begins Sunday night, and continues Monday nights for five more weeks.

The first episode of the new 10th season ran at Comic Con to a delighted crowd (and delighted reviews). Fans applauded the opening credits, the famous pencils on Mulder’s ceiling and other points throughout the episode, which brings in a new character played by Joel McHale.

Those lucky enough to see the premiere also left the event with a replica of Mulder’s famous “I want to believe” poster.

Carter and the other panelists also answered some questions from the gathering. (Not everything has to be secret.) Would the Lone Gunmen, a trio of fan favorites, return? (Yes.) How many episodes feed into the show’s vaunted mythology? (The premiere and the finale.)

And how does Carter feel about his creation?

Well, not like an innovator, he said.

“We took a genre that was cold and reheated it,” he said. “I was inspired by ‘All the President’s Men’ and Watergate. I took something like that in the science-fiction genre.”

And he didn’t want to just reheat the reboot.

“I wanted to do new material,” Carter said. “We did the show for the hardcore fans; that’s the reason we’re back. We try to make it accessible to new viewers, but the reason we’re back simply are the hardcore fans.”

Duchovny agreed.

“It’s not just about ‘Mulder says that line, check! Scully says that line, check! The pencils on the ceiling, check!’ ” he said.

That’s not to say there won’t be Easter eggs.

“You have to pay homage to certain back-and-forth,” said Duchovny. “We had some stuff in scenes like, ‘Did we say this before?’ “

Regardless of whether some lines seem eerily familiar, for Carter, it was thrilling simply to get the gang back together.

“I never imagined it would be a TV show again,” Carter said. “So when I got that call (from Fox) it was refreshing and exciting (to learn) that the actors wanted to do it again.”