Khloe Kardashian tweets after Amy Schumer's weight jokes

Story highlights

  • Schumer joked about Kardashian's weight loss on "SNL"
  • The reality star tweeted without naming names

(CNN)Khloe Kardashian appears to have some thoughts about Amy Schumer's jokes about her.

The reality star tweeted after comedian Schumer included some remarks about Kardashian and her new look in her "Saturday Night Live" monologue over the weekend.
"We have to be a role model for these little girls, because who do they have?" Schumer asked in her "SNL" hosting debut. "All they have, literally, is the Kardashians."
    "And like, we used to have Khloe. Khloe was ours, right?" Schumer added. "But then Khloe, she's lost half her body weight. Khloe, she lost a Kendall, and we have nothing."
    Kardashian, who has lost over 30 pounds recently, tweeted Sunday, "No need 2 tear down others just 2 make urself feel bigger. It actually makes u quite small."
    On Monday, Schumer sent a tweet of her own -- also without naming names -- that said, "Nothing but love for that family. I like idea of sending women the message to be happy in their own skin."