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The U.N. envoy for Libya announced a proposed list of Cabinet members for a national unity government after months of talks between opposing factions

The envoy announced an MP from Tripoli, Fayez Sarraj, as Prime Minister; and three deputies from Libya’s east, west and southern regions respectively.

The head of the U.N. support mission to Libya, Bernardino Leon, made it clear to journalists in Morocco on Thursday that this is just a U.N. proposal.

“This is not a proposal that the members of the dialogue have made,” he said, adding that the internationally-recognized National Transitional Council of Libya remains unsatisfied with the proposal.

Libya’s legislative authority, the General National Congress, did not propose names and is asking for changes to the text.

“The international community has been very clear that after huge efforts to adopt the text, two successive rounds of amendments, it is not possible to continue to do this because this will be an endless process”, Bernadino said.

Differing political groups have until October 20 to vote on the proposal.