Watch the stars come out as CNN honors its Top 10 Heroes

Updated 5:33 PM EDT, Mon March 21, 2016

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CNN and CNNgo honor everyday people changing the world.

"CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute" includes celebrities, CNN's Top 10 Heroes and the Hero of the Year

Show includes singer Andra Day, Neil Patrick Harris, Taylor Schilling, Common, Sharon Stone, Chris Noth and Zachary Quinto

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Join CNN for a star-studded celebration honoring people who’ve made a difference by daring to help others. Will their stories inspire you?

“CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute” features CNN’s Hero of the Year, Maggie Doyne, sharing her story and delivering an emotional and touching acceptance speech.

CNN Heroes

Hear details about how this former babysitter from New Jersey fell in love with a country halfway around the world and used her babysitting savings to start a home and school for women and children.

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The stories of nine other Heroes are shared as well. Every tale underscores the idea that everyday people can change the world.

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With presentations and performances by some of entertainment’s brightest stars, each Hero receives $10,000. The Hero of the Year’s charity gets an additional $100,000. Held November 17 at Manhattan’s iconic American Museum of Natural History, the event is hosted by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Celebrity presenters include Neil Patrick Harris, Taylor Schilling, Common, Kelly Ripa, Kathy Griffin, Sharon Stone, Chris Noth and Zachary Quinto.

R&B and jazz singer Andra Day performs her powerful song, “Rise Up.” Also, singer and actress Victoria Justice, actor Jacob Tremblay of “Room” and YouTube vlogger Bethany Mota recognize three Young Wonders – young adults honored by CNN.

Ten CNN Heros quotes that will inspire you

Below, in random order, find out what drives each Top 10 Hero and what sets them apart.

Undercover doctor for the homeless

For more than 20 years, Dr. Jim Withers has taken his medical practice to the streets of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offering free, quality health care to the homeless.

To win their trust, Withers used to walk the streets dressed like a homeless person — rubbing dirt in his hair and muddying up his clothes. He would search for those who needed medical attention who might be too suspicious of him otherwise. It was important for Withers to connect with people who wouldn’t seek him out. Instead, he reached out to them.

“I was actually really shocked how ill people were on the street,” Withers said. “Young, old, people with mental illness, runaway kids, women (who) fled domestic violence, veterans. And they all have their own story.”

Withers’ one-man mission became a citywide program called Operation Safety Net. Since 1992, the group has reached more than 10,000 individuals and helped more than 1,200 of them transition into housing.

He also started Street Medicine Institute, a nonprofit that helps communities worldwide establish programs of their own.

01:51 - Source: CNN
Top 10 CNN Hero Dr. Jim Withers

’The Sloth Lady’

Monique Pool has dedicated herself to helping wild animals in the South American country of Suriname. Pool has rescued, rehabilitated and released hundreds of sloths and other mammals back to the rainforest.

It all started in 2005, when Pool’s dog went missing. During her search, she called the Animal Protection Society and learned that a baby sloth had been orphaned. Pool offered to take it in.

“I didn’t know anything about sloths, but I learned a lot,” said Pool, who sought advice from international experts on how to care for the animals.

Today, Pool’s nonprofit, Green Heritage Fund Suriname, helps protect sloths and implement other conservation efforts in the country. Her home serves as a temporary sanctuary for the mammals, and she is now a recognized local authority on them. Her work has earned her the nickname, “The Sloth Lady.”

01:48 - Source: CNN
Top 10 CNN Hero Monique Pool

Growing fresh produce in a ‘food desert’

In rural Conetoe, North Carolina, Richard Joyner has brought a bounty of food to what was a nutritional desert. Joyner, a local pastor, started a community garden after watching many of his parishioners die from preventable diseases. “Diabetes, high blood pressure – when we first got started, we counted 30 funerals in one year,” Joyner said.

Today, his nonprofit, the Conetoe Family Life Center, manages more than 20 plots of land, including one 25-acre site. More than 80 local young people help him plant and harvest nearly 50,000 pounds of fresh food a year. Local residents receive some food for free, and students also raise scholarship money by selling the food to restaurants and grocery stores.

The children also learn how to cook the food in a nutritious way, steering their families toward better choices at home. As a result, many people are now reaping the benefits of Joyner’s ideas. Emergency room visits are down, and the community as a whole is healthier.

01:49 - Source: CNN
Top 10 CNN Hero Richard Joyner

Babysitting money transforms entire community

A New Jersey woman who saved her babysitting money has made a difference half a world away in Surkhet, Nepal. Ten years ago Maggie Doyne decided to backpack around the world before college. But during a stop in Nepal, her life took an unexpected turn. She met women and children who were struggling to survive the aftermath of a decade-long civil war.