Inside a Jamaican lottery raid

Published 7:28 AM ET, Wed October 7, 2015
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Kevin Watson, a corporal with MOCA, Jamaica's Major Organized Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, led a raid on a Montego Bay house after receiving intelligence the man inside may have made hundreds of thousands of dollars off lottery scamming. Authorities allowed CNN to film the raid. RICH BROOKS/CNN
When authorities knocked on the door, the suspect drove a nail through his laptop, piercing the hard drive, authorities said. He also began chewing pieces of paper containing Americans' names and numbers. Wayne Drash/CNN
Authorities bagged all items seized during the raid. They said they found a treasure trove of information indicating the suspect was participating in scamming. He declined comment to CNN. Wayne Drash/CNN
This refrigerator sat in the suspect's newly renovated kitchen. Authorities said scammers often talk their victims into sending new appliances to them. They planned to track the origins of this fridge. Wayne Drash/CNN
The home had floor-to-ceiling ironwork on the front porch and out back. It appeared to serve as fancy burglar bars to keep intruders out. Wayne Drash/CNN
The neighborhood where the suspect lived is called Rosemount Gardens, a middle- to upper-class area of Montego Bay. Authorities say they have seen an influx of scammers try to blend in with society. Wayne Drash/CNN