'Frozen:' Elsa-inspired equestrian routine goes viral

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spc cnn equestrian laura sumrall_00020725


    Reining performance of Frozen's 'Let It Go' goes viral


Reining performance of Frozen's 'Let It Go' goes viral 02:45

Story highlights

  • Laura Sumrall's reining routine went viral earlier this year
  • She performed to "Let it Go" from "Frozen" to become the World Freestyle Reining champion
  • The video has 17 million views

(CNN)Imagine figure skating on horseback. To the soundtrack from the Disney blockbuster "Frozen."

Seventeen million Facebook video views later Laura Sumrall still can't quite believe how her equestrian routine to the song "Let It Go" became a social media sensation earlier this year.
Sumrall was taking part in an event known as reining, which is designed to showcase the athleticism of ranch horses and sees competitors judged on their ability to negotiate a series of circles, spins and stops.
    It was quite the performance from Sumrall as "Frozen" character Elsa as she won "the crown-jewel" of the annual FEI Reining schedule -- the $120,000 Kentucky Reining Cup -- to become the World Freestyle Reining champion.
    After jettisoning her purple cape to reveal her full dazzling costume, Sumrall proceeded to enthrall the Kentucky Horse Park crowd in Lexington with a performance that combined both drama and superb equine handling of her horse Wimpys Top Model.
    "I got an email invitation to come do the performance at the Kentucky Reining Cup," the 23-year-old told CNN Equestrian.
    "The biggest problem was I needed a horse and so we were kind of just throwing ideas around."
    "So my mum comes up with the idea, 'Well, you may not like this idea but let's think about Frozen, would you be Elsa?'" explained the Texas A & M University student.
    The rest is now viral video history and Sumrall has received warm reviews for her icy moves from across the globe.
    "I had all kinds of mums from all over the world email me and say, 'I love your video and my daughter really, really loves it and now all she wants to do is put on her Elsa costume and ride her pony!'" added Sumrall.
    "I've inspired a lot of little girls to really go out there and ride their ponies which makes me really happy."
    According to equestrian governing body the FEI, reining in the fastest growing equine sport. In 2013, there were 115 FEI reining events compared to just three a decade earlier.