White House thanks tech giants Kickstarter, Instacart that help Syrian refugees

Washington (CNN)The White House blog thanked a handful of businesses on Tuesday, including three Silicon Valley tech giants for using their resources to aid the refugee crisis in Europe.

Under the campaign #AidRefugees, American companies Kickstarter, Instacart, Airbnb, Starbucks and Twitter partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and were recognized for their actions helping refugees mostly from Syria on the White House blog.
"Today, we want to highlight a few examples of American businesses that have heeded the President's call and built a novel way for citizens to contribute what they can to #AidRefugees," wrote Joshua Miller, White House Director of Product for the Office of Digital Strategy.
Grocery delivery company Instacart was singled out for partnering with the UNHCR to provide groceries to refugee families, by allowing customers to purchase food rations for families in need. According to Instacart's website, $20 will provide food packages to four families.
    Airbnb is doing its part by providing free housing credits to aid workers in affected areas. The tech giant also launched a donation page, matching up to $200,000 to support relief workers.
    Kickstarter launched its first nonprofit campaign for a cause as serious as the refugee crisis, and as of Wednesday morning the page had already raised $860,000. The campaign will run until Oct. 13, and has no specific fundraising goal.