Hillary Clinton hits Kevin McCarthy with a different Kevin McCarthy

Story highlights

  • Hillary Clinton is attacking House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's comments about the political impact of the Benghazi investigation
  • Clinton's campaign used a different Kevin McCarthy -- a supporter from Iowa -- to hit the House GOP leader in a new video

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton is hitting the man expected to become the next Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy -- and using a different Kevin McCarthy to do it.

In a new 79-second video, a Clinton supporter in Iowa who has the same name as the House majority leader and also happens to own the @KevinMcCarthy Twitter handle blasts Republicans for "spending our taxpayer dollars to play electoral politics."
He plays on the frequent cases of mistaken identity on the social networking site to attack the Republican leader.
    Iowa's McCarthy reads several of the tweets directed at him: "Why can't you speak a coherent thought?" "John Boehner, version two." "Kevin McCarthy is a dork."
    "You know, it was really funny at first -- and then they just kept going and going and going, and it wouldn't stop. And then I figured out why," he says.
    Then, the video highlights the other McCarthy's controversial remark last week crediting the congressional committee investigating the Benghazi attacks with dragging down Clinton's poll numbers.
    "So I get why you're mad. I do. This guy who's probably going to be Speaker of the House just said that the committee that's supposed to be investigating Benghazi is now focusing its attention on Hillary's emails -- with an eye toward hurting her poll numbers," Iowa's McCarthy says.
    "So instead of focusing on the American tragedy they said they'd focus on, they're spending our taxpayer dollars to play electoral politics. I get it. It's gross. But it's not my fault. It's the House Republicans,'" he says. "So please, stop your tweeting. My twitter account just can't handle it."
    Iowa's McCarthy ends the video by adding: "Oh, and by the way: Go Hillary."