Halloween costumes on the cheap

Updated 10:52 AM ET, Wed October 28, 2015
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You'll need your fiercest party dress, perfect makeup, silky brown locks (yours or purchased) and maybe a hat to complete this look. Wear cheetah prints and drop a couple of "Boo Boo Kitty" disses and people will be calling you "Cookie" in no time. Look through the gallery for more topical costume ideas. Chuck Hodes/FOX
A hungry varmint nicknamed Pizza Rat captivated our hearts this summer with his determination to make off with a slice bigger than himself. It's one of those meme-worthy moments that makes for a great Halloween costume idea. Wear your best gray sweatsuit, slap on a rat nose from Party City and swipe a slice of pie from the party table, perhaps carrying it in your new portable pizza pouch. Voila! Courtesy Matt Little/Jukin Media
Poor, persecuted quarterback Tom Brady is an easy guy to mimic this Halloween if you've got a Patriots jersey lying around. Just paint a dimple in your chin and carry around a flattened football to complete the Deflategate look. Bonus points for his silly hat.
Got a soccer star in the family? Repurpose their cleats and uniform and top it all off with the chicest headband you can find. Wear a medal around your neck to channel your inner Abby Wambach, or another member of the World Cup-winning U.S. women's team. FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images
Couples' costume alert! While Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis' staunch opposition to same-sex marriage got her noticed, her fashion sense garnered the spotlight too. To dress up as Davis and her equally folksy husband, Joe, you'll need to do the following: Layer, layer layer! Kim is a fan of short Ts over long sleeves and even longer skirts. If you have flowing hair and a pair of wire spectacles, you're in. Hubby Joe is simple: Overalls and a straw hat. To sell the whole look, carry a Bible and print out a provisional marriage license from the Web. Ty Wright/Getty Images North America/Getty Images
There's a new "Peanuts" movie coming up, and Charlie Brown is as popular as always. If you're bald, this one is a slam dunk. Get crafty and cut out black felt or construction paper in a zigzag shape and staple it to your brightest yellow shirt. Slip on black shorts and brown shoes -- and maybe carry a tangled kite -- to be the most loveable sad sack at the party.
Did you already forget about Left Shark, of Katy Perry Super Bowl halftime show fame? For shame! Dress up in ocean blue and cut a fin out of cardboard that you can decorate with tin foil or construction paper. Or if you've got an old Hotdog on a Stick uniform lying around, you can be Katy herself. Rob Carr/Getty Images
This one takes a bit of dedication because it can be unwieldy -- you'll need a long piece of cardboard or stiff paper to decorate like a $10 bill. Cut a hole in the middle for your face and you can be the highly anticipated woman who replaces Alexander Hamilton on the tenner. PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images
There are a few ways to go about "Netflix and chill," one of the Internet's more subtle euphemisms for inviting someone over for sexual purposes. The key component is a T-shirt to signify Netflix, maybe one with the company's logo or the slogan "and chill," as depicted here. The remaining props could include a bag of ice (get it?) or an overnight bag containing wine, condoms, comfortable socks, a toothbrush and anything else you might bring along for that not-so-spontaneous hookup.
This costume, based on characters from the "Minions" and "Despicable Me" movies, doesn't require much: yellow t-shirt, overalls and round goggles. The harder part will be perfecting their crackly cartoon voices. Universal Pictures
The final episode of "Mad Men" showed us a side of Don Draper we had not seen before: a relaxed, meditative Don on the verge of a creative breakthrough. This one's easy if you have khakis and a white button-up made of linen or oxford. You may still want to carry whiskey and cigarettes to make it clear who you are. Just work on your "om." AMC
With the upcoming release of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in December, any character from the hit franchise will do. Han Solo is probably doable with a few pieces from your closet or the nearby thrift store, but a Chewbacca costume might require a greater investment. Lucasfilm
Channeling the 2015 Video Music Award incarnation of Miley Cyrus is arguably less controversial than the 2013 version. Play up the rainbows and stuffed animals and minimize the racial appropriation. Keep the crazy tongue wagging, though. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America/Getty Images
It's "Game of Thrones" fans' favorite guessing game: Is Jon Snow dead? Or alive? Either way, you can pay tribute to the brooding Night's Watch commander by growing a beard and donning a shaggy brown wig, dressing in dark winter clothes and carrying a sword. Use red duct tape to make a big red "X" over yourself and you're set. HBO