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Yazidi women raped and sold by ISIS
03:39 - Source: CNN
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Ethnic cleansing by ISIS has displaced, killed and enslaved hundreds of thousands of Iraqi Yazidis.

The Yazidis are an ancient religious group, which is believed to have predated Christianity and Islam.

Countless Yazidi women have endured crimes at the hands of ISIS fighters, including rape, violence and sex slavery.

A report released by the United Nations human rights office says ISIS’ attack on the Yazidi population “pointed to the intent of ISIL to destroy the Yazidi as a group.”

ISIS ‘forced pregnant Yazidi women to have abortions’

CNN Freedom Project has been covering the plight of Yazidi women and children in particular because of the level of abuse. Now CNN Impact Your World has gathered some organizations that are helping the Yazidis escape persecution.

  • AMAR International Foundation: Beyond providing food, clothing and medical treatment inside refugee camps, the organization has put in place longer-term assistance programs that provide vaccinations to prevent epidemics, medication to treat chronic health conditions and access to schooling for children.
  • UNICEF has worked with local humanitarian groups to provide tents, medical care, hygiene kits and clothing to Yazidi refugees.
  • The International Rescue Committee is working to meet the immediate needs of Iraqi families. IRC is providing critical aid to new arrivals suffering from dehydration, diarrhea, sunstroke and injuries.

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