What would you ask a former child slave? Join our Twitter chat on #DayoftheGirl

(CNN)What would you ask a former child slave?

International Day of the Girl Child falls on October 11 this year, and to mark the date CNN Freedom Project is running a live Twitter chat with trafficking survivor Rani Hong (@RanisVoice).
At the age of seven, Rani was taken from her family in southern India and sold to a slave master. By age eight, her physical condition and emotional state were so dire that she was near death. No longer of any value to her slave owner, she was sold into illegal adoption. Rani now runs the Tronie Foundation which works to fight human trafficking.
Rani Hong: From slave to CEO
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    Rani Hong: From slave to CEO


Rani Hong: From slave to CEO 02:29
You can ask Rani any questions you have about human trafficking and her story during our live chat at 20:00 GMT/16:00 ET on October 11 using the hashtag #cnnfreedom.
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