Hillary Clinton gets choked up discussing gun control

(CNN)Hillary Clinton grew emotional on the campaign trail Monday while introducing a mother whose child was killed during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.

Clinton got choked up while bringing on to the stage Nicole Hockley, the mother of Dylan Hockley, a 6-year-old killed in Newtown, Connecticut, in 2012.
The families of those killed in Newtown "have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing and have tried to be the voices" for gun violence victims, Clinton said, her voice breaking.
"I want you to introduce yourself and maybe talk about what you and other parents are trying to do to get the changes that are necessary," Clinton said, turning to Hockley.
    It's the latest event in a series of emotionally heated campaign stops in New Hampshire on Monday. Earlier she made a passionate attack on Republicans over the House Select Committee on Beghanzi, which she called "nothing but a partisan exercise."
    "I am sorry that I made a choice that has resulted in this kind of situation and I have said I made a mistake," Clinton told NBC's "Today," before adding, "It is also, as we well know, it is the way the Republicans are trying to bring, as they admit, my poll numbers down."
    Clinton had met Hockley in a photo line before the event, according to aides, who said the interaction was not planned before the event. During the meeting in the photo line, Clinton asked Hockley if she would tell her story at the town hall, aides said.
    Hockley went on to tell the story of losing her son in the shooting and her efforts to push gun control legislation.
    Clinton unveiled new proposals to rein in gun violence in details released overnight, which included closing the background check loophole for gun shows.