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Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton says she’s brushing off Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s attacks on her – especially since he used to sing her praises – but his schtick “is no longer amusing.”

Clinton said Trump’s attacks on her are an example of Trump’s “demagoguery,” that he will say whatever he feels will advance his cause.

Speaking with MSNBC host Al Sharpton in an interview to air this weekend, Clinton was asked about Trump and how he has called her “shrill.”

“He’s called me a lot of things – now that he’s running against me,” Clinton said in an excerpt of the interview aired on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC on Friday. “Before, he called me a great senator and a great secretary of state. That’s what a demagogue does: They say whatever they need to say to try to stir up the passions of people.”

Clinton also slammed Trump for his rhetoric on immigration.

“He has been stoking prejudice and paranoia, he’s been really appealing to the worst instincts of human nature,” Clinton said. “I think it’s dangerous, his demagoguery is no longer amusing.”

Trump, who appear on “Morning Joe” shortly after the clip aired, responded by saying Clinton used to call him a “genius.”

“I’m a little surprised at her tone, but that’s OK,” Trump said. “She’s been surprised at my tone.”

“I’m a counter-puncher, and everything I say is when somebody says something about me.”

The two candidates have a long history, including Trump inviting the Clintons to his most recent wedding and them attending. He has donated both to Clinton’s past campaigns in New York and to her family’s foundation. Their daughters are also friendly.

Both have since brushed off the connections, with Trump saying Clinton had to go to his wedding because of the donations and Clinton saying she went merely for fun.