Bitten by a squirrel? There's now a code for that (W53.21XA)

By Jen Christensen

Published 1:34 PM ET, Thu October 1, 2015
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It's been called the biggest change to hit the American medical system in decades. Starting October 1, medical offices have to learn thousands of new codes to assign to each injury and illness they diagnose. The more detailed codes include some unusual injuries. Click through to see some of the funny ones we found. Shutterstock
W56.19XA Bitten by sea lion, initial encounter Shutterstock
Y92.241 Library as the place of occurrence of the external cause
W55.09XA Other contact with cat, initial encounter Shutterstock
V91.07XD Burn due to water skis on fire, subsequent encounter
W61.12XA Struck by macaw, initial encounter Shutterstock
T75.01XD Unspecified effects of lightning, subsequent encounter
W56.21XA Bitten by orca, initial encounter
W56.21XD Bitten by orca, subsequent encounter
V95.40XA Unspecified spacecraft accident injuring occupant, initial encounter
FPG/Getty Images
W22.02XA Walked into lamppost, initial encounter Shutterstock