10-year-old twins fight leukemia together

Story highlights

  • Lily Dove was diagnosed with leukemia in 2013 at age 8
  • Her identical twin, Bailey, received the same diagnosis in March 2015 at age 10

(CNN)It was almost time for summer vacation in June 2013, when 8-year-old Lily Dove threw up before school. Her mother, Erin Dove, thought it was odd, but kept her home for the day. As a mother of three girls, including identical twins Lily and Bailey, she understood childhood illnesses and bugs.

Then, it happened again a week later. Dove suspected a virus, but noticed that Lily, an excellent student who loved soccer and softball, struggled to run from home plate to first base. Her bright skin turned pale, almost gray. After school let out for the summer, Lily took naps in the afternoon, even if she had had enough sleep the night before.
Dove took her daughter to the pediatrician near their home in West Bend, Wisconsin. Technicians took an X-ray and ran tests on Lily's blood. With the lab work in hand, the pediatrician asked to speak with Dove alone, leaving Lily with a nurse.