A 'Concrete Jungle' of produce in the city feeds the homeless

Jacqueline Gulledge

Updated 4:41 PM ET, Mon October 12, 2015
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Concrete Jungle relies on volunteers to either pick fruit off the trees if they're tall enough or help shake the tree limbs so the fruit falls on a tarp. Concrete Jungle
Concrete Jungle has mapped more than 2,500 fruit trees in Atlanta, many of which are alongside interstates and highways. Concrete Jungle
Plums are some of the most prevalent fruit trees in Atlanta and can be found in public parks and people's yards. Ethan Payne
Concrete Jungle is an Atlanta-based non-profit organization that provides fresh produce to area food banks and homeless shelters. Ethan Payne
All produce that volunteers pick is sorted and cleaned before being donated to local area food banks and shelters. Ethan Payne