#15SecondShakespeare: Celebrities do their best Shakespearean read of pop songs

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  • Actors and others on Twitter take part in the #15SecondShakespeare challenge
  • Participants recite a pop song in Shakespearean style to raise money for the Red Cross

(CNN)All the world's a stage, especially on social media.

Last year gave us the Ice Bucket Challenge, and now celebrities and others on social media are doing something decidedly classier to raise money for charity.
These master thespians are putting their acting skills to the test by reciting the lyrics to hit songs, but with a Shakespearean twist.
    It all started with "Undateable" star David Fynn, who posted his take on the theme song of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," as a Shakespearean actor might recite it, using the hashtag #15SecondShakespeare.
    Soon it became a social media movement, encouraging participants and followers to donate to the Red Cross.
    Each person reciting pop song via Shakespeare challenged others to do the same.
    Soon it spread from the U.K. to the States, with actors like Minnie Driver (doing Kanye West) and "Guardians of the Galaxy's" Karen Gillan (The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)") taking part:
    It's definitely something of a competition now, as "Doctor Who's" Arthur Darvill does Michael Jackson, "Sherlock's" Amanda Abbington (and dog) does Pharrell, "Scrubs'" Phil Lewis performs "Rapper's Delight."
    Michael Sheen ("Masters of Sex") showed us all how it's done paying tribute to the Pet Shop Boys.
    And of course, Jason O'Mara ("The Good Wife") had to combine the Bard with Taylor Swift.
    There's also nothing like the camaraderie portrayed by "iZombie" stars Rose McIver (putting a Shakespeare twist on The Weeknd) and Rahul Kohli (Dr. Dre):
    We look forward to seeing what else these incredible actors have to share as the challenge continues.