Pope Francis, a man of courage and love

Updated 10:48 AM EDT, Sun September 27, 2015

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Khalid Latif: Pope Francis showed New Yorkers that religion has meaning when it is lived through love, compassion and hope

He says he lives this in bringing together people of many faiths, spending time with poor, thanking workers, visiting WTC site and more

Latif: In these personal actions, he models behaviors for leaders; shines light on those in need of equality, justice, mercy

Editor’s Note: Khalid Latif is the university chaplain at New York University, executive director of NYU’s Islamic Center and a chaplain for the NYPD. Follow him on Facebook. The opinions expresssed in this commentary are solely those of the author.

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At times we underestimate the power that love has. Not just romantic love, but a love rooted in compassion, respect, understanding and hope for people you know as well as those you may never meet.

This love embraces our commonality by appreciating, first, our differences. This is the love I felt while sitting next to Pope Francis during th