Lena Dunham: Hillary Clinton makes clear she's 'not super-human'

Story highlights

  • Lena Dunham interviewed Hillary Clinton for a clip that will published Sept. 29 through LennyLetter.com
  • Dunham says Clinton "wasn't always this sort of political titan," and that she sought to humanize Clinton in the interview

Washington (CNN)Lena Dunham says she looks at Hillary Clinton "outside of being a presidential candidate, as a feminist role model," in an interview the television star conducted with the Democratic presidential candidate.

Dunham told CNN's Kate Bolduan on Thursday that her goal was "getting to know Hillary as a person and to humanize her."
"She wasn't always sort of this political titan figure," Dunham said.
    The interview is set to be made public Sept. 29 in Dunham's newsletter, through her new project LennyLetter.com.
    It could help Clinton appeal to young voters, especially females, who make up much of Dunham's audience for her HBO show "Girls."
    Dunham is an outspoken Clinton supporter, and said the Democratic front-runner's positions are in line with many millennials on reproductive rights and social justice, college debt, voting rights and police brutality.
    In a clip of the interview Dunham provided to Politico, Clinton says she is "absolutely" a feminist, and defends the term, saying it only means that women seek equal treatment.
    Dunham said Clinton displays "a vulnerability, and really making it clear that she is not super-human, that she is someone who has had the range of experiences that millennial women are currently struggling with."