A brief history of popes and presidents

(CNN)Pope Francis is coming to Washington, and his schedule includes a trip to the White House. His visit will add his own chapter to the relationship between the White House and the Vatican.

The first sitting president to meet a reigning pope was Woodrow Wilson, who visited Pope Benedict XV in 1919.
The next president to meet a pope was Dwight D. Eisenhower, who met Pope John XXIII. Since then, every president -- including John F. Kennedy, the only Catholic president to date -- has met the pontiff.
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Which pope has met the most presidents? That distinction belongs to Pope John Paul II, who met five. Pope Paul VI was the first pope to visit the U.S. and met with President Johnson during that trip in 1965.
    President Jimmy Carter welcomed the first pope to the White House when John Paul II visited in 1979.
    Not to be outdone by his predecessors, President George W. Bush celebrated Pope Benedict XVI's 81st birthday during his 2008 trip to Washington. The celebration included a birthday cake and, of course, a rousing rendition of everyone's favorite copyrighted song "Happy Birthday to You."
    Pope Francis and President Barack Obama met for the first time in 2014.