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Attorney for mom's boyfriend says, "He did not have anything to do with her death"

Girl's dad blames state for death, says track mark leads him to believe mom was drugged

Mom's boyfriend held without bail; mother's bail set at $1 million, judge rules

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Little Bella Bond was allegedly killed by her mother’s boyfriend because he thought she was possessed and “it was her time to die,” a prosecutor told a judge at a Monday bail hearing.

Bond and McCarthy made their second court appearance Tuesday in Dorchester Municipal Court. Standing behind a glass partition, McCarthy was cleanshaven, while Bond used her hair to shield her face in the courtroom. Neither spoke during the hearing.

They both pleaded not guilty, and McCarthy’s attorney maintains his client didn’t know Bella was dead until police told him Friday.

Bella’s biological father, Joe Amoroso, who never met his daughter in person, sat on the front row, appearing to compose himself, tensing his jaw and pursing his lips at times. His face became flush as details of the case were relayed to the judge.

Amoroso told reporters he knew Bond didn’t kill their daughter and said a track mark on Bond’s neck leads him to believe she was sedated against her will because he doesn’t see how she could have injected herself.

“I was with her for quite some time and I know more about Rachelle than a lot of people do,” he said.

’I’ll never see my daughter again’

Suffolk County Assistant District Attorney David Deakin explained how a woman walking her dog found the girl June 25 in a plastic contractor bag on a rocky shoreline in the Boston Harbor after the bag drew the attention of her pet. Inside, authorities found the child alongside two blankets, Deakin said.

A lifelong friend of McCarthy’s, Michael Sprinsky, told authorities that the pair had said the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families had taken the girl, Deakin said. The department had terminated Bond’s parental rights over two other children in the past, an agency official told CNN.