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Ex-Scott Walker aide Liz Mair unloaded on his presidential campaign's faults on Twitter Monday

Mair was pushed out of Walker's campaign for her criticism of Iowa's importance in the nominating process

Washington CNN  — 

A former Scott Walker aide offered her take on what went wrong with his campaign, minutes after it was reported that he was dropping out of the 2016 Republican race.

Liz Mair is a digital media strategist who was forced out of Walker’s campaign the day after it announced her hiring because of her tweets blasting Iowa’s role in the nominating process. On Monday, she offered a long list of Walker’s mistakes via Twitter.

Among those listed in her series of tweets: “Misunderstanding the GOP base, its priorities and stances. Pandering. Flip-flopping. Hiring staff who did not know him well and did not understand his record or his reputation across all segments in Wisconsin. Allowing certain staff (ahem) to marginalize and cut off people in Walker’s orbit who had got him to the governorship and kept him there.”

She also faulted him for not “training himself out of tics” like his tendency to answer “yes” to questions – which led to him appearing to reverse positions on issues like birthright citizenship.

Another mistake was “becoming so invested in winning, no matter what it took, that he lost sight of his real identity as a political leader.”

And “treating Iowa as locked down.”

But Mair ended her Twitter storm by complimenting Walker as someone who “has the capacity to add plenty of value in our political system.”