Chris Christie pans Carly Fiorina's performance

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  • Chris Christie complained about Carly Fiorina's interruptions
  • Christie said Americans don't care about her wealth

Washington (CNN)She may have come away the pundits' winner, but New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday Carly Fiorina talked too much last night about herself and not enough about the issues.

Christie also criticized the former Hewlett-Packard executive for interrupting him.
"She's got one place on the stage, not two or three," he said on CNN's "New Day." "I'm happy to sit and listen to her but don't interrupt me and don't interrupt the other candidates."
    From the moment he took the stage, Christie tried to emphasize the idea that he was focused more on voters than himself.
    "I'd like you to take the camera off me and put it on the audience," Christie said as he launched into the opening statement on Wednesday.
    Christie said on "New Day" both Fiorina and Donald Trump talked about their personal business history too much.
    "People are tired of hearing candidates talk about themselves," Christie said. "And they want to hear them talk about what their problems are ... Let's stipulate that (Fiorina) and (Trump) were successful business people in their own right with their own successes and failures. That does nothing for the person sitting on the other end of the camera."
    Moving forward, Christie said he'd like there to be more discussion about Fiorina's executive experience to determine her management skills.
    "I'd like to hear more about Carly's time with at Hewlett-Packard because there's some controversy about that and whether it was truly successful or not," he said.