Snakes looking for a drink slither into Australian toilets

This almost 10-foot python was found in a toilet in Townsville, Australia.

Story highlights

  • Snakecatcher called out twice this month to remove snakes from toilet bowls
  • Both were carpet pythons more than 2 meters long
  • Dry weather may be making them thirsty, catcher says

(CNN)Imagine going to the bathroom and finding a huge python curled up inside the toilet bowl. That happened not just once but twice in the Australian city of Townsville this month.

Elliot Budd, who works as a snake catcher in the northeastern city in Queensland, received two calls in the past two weeks to remove snakes that had snuck their way into people's toilets.
"The first snake was 3 meters long (9.8 feet) and the second one was 2.4 meters (7.8 feet)," he told CNN over the phone.
    "The first one I got, the house was being renovated so it was a few tradesmen working there that came across it. I was definitely a bit surprised when it was in the toilet," Budd said.
    It was a particularly tricky case to remove as the snake had a firm grip on the toilet's S-bend, he said. Budd finally got it out after unbolting the toilet.