Michael Slager is denied bond in Walter Scott case in North Charleston

Former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager will remain in jail awaiting trial in the death of Walter Scott.

Story highlights

  • Walter Scott was shot in the back by Michael Slager as he was running away
  • A bystander recorded the shooting, and the footage sparked outrage
  • Scott's brother: "There are no winners or losers when one man has lost his life at the hands of another"

(CNN)Michael Slager will not be leaving jail anytime soon.

The former North Charleston police officer who's been charged with murder in the shooting death of Walter Scott was denied bond Monday, court documents showed.
"After careful consideration of all the evidence presented and the nature and circumstances of the offense, the Court finds that release of Defendant would constitute an unreasonable danger to the community and the request for release on bond should be denied," wrote State Circuit Judge Clifton Newman.
    At a court hearing last week, Slager's lawyer argued he should be placed on house arrest, saying that the former police officer does not have a previous criminal record, isn't a flight risk and is considered low risk for violent behavior.
    But Solicitor Scarlett Wilson, who's prosecuting the case, said Slager is a danger to the community and a flight risk. She painted a much harsher picture of the former police officer, criticizing Slager for painting himself as a victim when he was the one who opened fire that day in April.
    Slager pulled over Scott on April 4, reportedly for a broken brake light. Scott was later shot in the back by Slager as he was running away.
    A bystander recorded the shooting, and the graphic footage sparked outrage and reignited a national conversation around race and policing.
    Scott was black; Slager is white.
    Attorneys for the former officer said they were disappointed in the judge's decision on bond Monday but "remain firmly convinced that following a review of all the evidence, a jury of Michael's peers will find that he was free of any criminal intent in his actions on April 4, 2015."
    Anthony Scott, Scott's brother, said the decision wasn't cause for celebration.
    "There are no winners or losers when one man has lost his life at the hands of another," he said in a statement.
    "We trust in God, and our prayer is that something like this never happens again to any family, anywhere. We have full faith and confidence in the judicial system and understand that this is just part of a long process in our pursuit of justice for Walter."