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Jeb Bush opened his white button-down to reveal a Reagan/Bush 1984 campaign T-shirt Saturday

Bush, criticized by Donald Trump for being low-energy, showed plenty of pep

Washington CNN  — 

Jeb Bush took a turn Saturday playing the Republican version of Superman.

During a campaign office opening in Miami, Bush opened his white button-down shirt to reveal an emblem that’s iconic – at least to conservatives: The Ronald Reagan/George H.W. Bush 1984 campaign logo.

With his energy levels under assault from Donald Trump, Bush, the former Florida governor, was more fiery than usual.

And, rather than minimizing his family connections, with a father and a brother who were president, Bush embraced those ties – as well as his father’s tenure as Reagan’s vice president.

“Let me show you something,” he told the crowd as he unbuttoned his shirt. “That’s the party I believe in: Reagan and Bush.”

“That team took out the Soviet Union because we were strong and consistent,” he said. “With Ronald Reagan, our friends knew that we had their backs and our enemies feared us. And we were strong and resolute, and the end of the Cold War happened because of great leadership.”

Bush’s move comes just days before the entire GOP field travels to Simi Valley, California, to participate in a debate hosted by CNN on Wednesday night at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

It’s not the first time that T-shirt has made an appearance at a Bush campaign event. When a young supporter donned one at a Pensacola, Florida, event in August, Bush turned to him and joked: “You weren’t born, brother.”