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Trump & Bush spar over speaking Spanish in US
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Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush slammed Donald Trump for his repeated attacks after the billionaire GOP front-runner posted an Instagram video yet again knocking Bush as a “low-energy” candidate.

“Donald Trump’s not going to get elected president by disparaging people, by attacking people all the time. That’s not going to work. You lift people’s spirits up to become president of the United States,” Bush said Wednesday morning on Fox News.

Trump on Tuesday posted a video on Instagram humorously asking people: “Having trouble sleeping at night? Too much energy? Need some low energy?” followed by “Jeb, for all your sleeping needs.” The narrator’s voice is spliced with a clip of Bush talking about healthcare at a town hall forum as a woman appears to have fallen asleep in the background.

Bush said Wednesday that the woman is a “big supporter” of his who had worked an exhausting day.

“She woke up at 4 o’clock, she had a 12-hour shift, she had to take her child to drop her child off before she went to work,” Bush said.

Bush in recent weeks has begun vigorously fighting back against Trump as the brash billionaire has continued to pile on increasingly personal criticism of his Republican opponent.

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Bush conceded to the strategy shift, saying “you got to fight back.”

“At some point, if you’re being defined by a guy who can just make a phone call and just get on, get on the talk shows all the time and all he does is disparage you. Yeah, you’ve got to fight back,” Bush said. “My message is one of hope and optimism, not the fact that the world’s coming to an end.”

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