32 key political moments from a wild summer

CNN —  

If you tuned out from politics to enjoy your beach vacation, it’s time to catch you up.

The presidential primary season is already in full swing and the summer was one of the liveliest in recent memory. And, believe it or not, the Iowa caucuses will be here before you know it.

Here’s a quick refresher on the wild political summer of 2015.

17 Republicans decided to run for president. 17!

Donald Trump jumped in the ring, shot straight to the top of the polls and stayed there.

He kicked things off by making controversial statements about undocumented immigrants.

In response, Latinos made Trump into a piñata and beat him in effigy with sticks.

Despite the anger, thousands of supporters started to come out to see him.

Trump broke every rule in politics, including insulting prisoners of war such as Sen. John McCain.

But that still didn’t hurt his poll numbers.

Trump picked fights with nearly every competitor – and even doxed South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham on live TV.

Graham responded by committing unspeakable acts against telephones.

Rick Perry challenged Trump to a pull-up competition to see who is manlier.

Rand Paul and Chris Christie played some summer baseball.

Ted Cruz did impressions of Simpsons characters.

Marco Rubio hit a kid in the face with a football.

Rand Paul took a chainsaw to the Federal Tax Code, put it in a woodchipper and set it on fire.

Republicans held their first presidential debate in Cleveland.

Carly Fiorina made a big impression.

Donald Trump got in a fight with Fox News when he didn’t like the questions they asked.

He went on the attack against Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Candidates swept through the Iowa State Fair. Trump gave rides in his helicopter to children.

While everyone else was at the fair, Rand Paul performed eye surgery for people in Haiti. He played some soccer, too.

In New Hampshire, a man called Flower Boy started following Jeb Bush around on the campaign trail.

Trump made a pinky promise with the GOP not to run as an independent.

Just before Labor Day, Ben Carson began to pick up in the polls, signaling the hunger for political outsiders.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton announced her presidential candidacy.

Then when it didn’t start well, she announced it again.

She campaigned in Cleveland, and made this weird video.

But her email problems followed her everywhere she went.

Clinton wasn’t alone. Bernie Sanders jumped in the race to challenge her from the left. He drew massive crowds.

But protesters from the Black Lives Matter movement made their voices heard by interrupting speeches.

President Obama turned 54-years-old.

On the sidelines, Joe Biden huddled with his family and advisers to consider a presidential run.

Speculation has mounted, but no one knows if Biden will run.

The race has begun. Onward, to fall!