Did you see what he wore? 5 craziest moments from Dragon Con

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    What is your secret identify?


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  • Dragon Con 2015 delivered wild moments once again
  • Video and photos from the cosplay-heavy convention went viral

(CNN)Held annually in Atlanta, Georgia, the annual Dragon Con -- with its 70,000 attendees -- is where the wild and outrageous side of geekdom turns up.

It's not called "Nerdy Gras" for nothing.
Here are five of the most outrageous moments from celebs and fans alike this past weekend:

    1. John Barrowman makes quite an entrance

    The star of "Arrow," "Doctor Who" and "Torchwood" is already known for his crazy antics at conventions, but this one took the cake.
    The actor and activist came onstage for one of his panels in a TARDIS dress (made to look like the Doctor's spaceship), and didn't he look lovely.
    (First photo credit: Sarah Horton)

    Here is my Grand Entrance in the TARDIS Dress from Dragon Con 2015 . Enjoy everyone. Filmed on my sisters phone so it's a good angle. Jb

    Posted by John Barrowman Official on Tuesday, September 8, 2015
    Actor John Barrowman visits with CNN
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      Actor John Barrowman visits with CNN


    Actor John Barrowman visits with CNN 05:03

    2. 'Mad Max: Fury Road' takeover

    The critically acclaimed summer hit was very popular with cosplayers at the convention, and at one point, a large group of them took over a hotel's balcony bar to re-enact a scene from the beginning of the movie involving the villainous dictator Immortan Joe.

    3. Invading stormtroopers

    "Hannibal" cast members Scott Thompson ("Kids in the Hall") and Aaron Abrams noticed that stormtroopers had "invaded" their panel on Saturday.
    Not ones to rest on their laurels, the two actors valiantly fought them off.

    4. TV star crashes a panel

    This panel interruption was much more appreciated. A member of the audience of the "iZombie" panel Sunday night (full disclosure: I was a panelist there) tweeted Rahul Kohli about it.
    Kohli, who plays Ravi on the show, decided then and there that he wanted to be a part of it, so he skyped in and took questions.

    5. How to handle an awkward question with aplomb

    Candice Patton of "The Flash" was asked by an audience member about her character Iris' flirtation with Barry Allen on the show, and the fact that the two of them grew up together in the same house. Her answer was a mic drop moment.

    Honorable mention: This photo

    Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words and that is the case here with this image tweeted by "Arrow's" Stephen Amell.