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NEW: Video shows people police want to talk to, task force commander George Filenko says

Homeowner described three men walking past the camera, Filenko says

"We have retrieved ... what we believe to be some significant video," investigator says

CNN  — 

Investigators in the shooting death of Illinois police Lt. Joe Gliniewicz will be reviewing a hodgepodge of surveillance videos for clues in the slaying of the Fox Lake veteran, officials said Friday.

“We have images of people that we believe are subjects that we’d be interested in talking to,” said Lake County Major Crime Task Force commander George Filenko, describing the footage as “a mix of videos from residences and businesses.”

When a reporter asked whether the subjects are two white men and a black man – the only description police have released of the possible killers – Filenko said at a news conference: “There’s a commonality there, and there’s an interest in those videos.”

The videos are in the hands of the FBI, which will sequence them in hopes of coming up with a chronology, Filenko said.

The potential evidence does not include footage from a home security video system in the area of the shooting that the commander on Thursday described as significant.

Any video in the area could help authorities determine who shot Gliniewicz on Tuesday morning. The officer had described via radio three men he encountered shortly before the shooting.

A homeowner in Fox Lake, a community of about 10,000 people in northern Illinois, turned over his surveillance video after telling police that he saw three people in the area, according to Filenko.

Local investigators don’t have the proper equipment to see the recording, so the footage was given to a nearby Department of Homeland Security office, and police hope to learn what it shows soon.

Filenko told CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront” that the person who recorded the video said there were two white men and a black man walking past the camera. He said the video was recorded within the area where Gliniewicz was killed.

“Again, we don’t believe in coincidences. However, we still don’t know and I can’t verify exactly whether this video is relevant to the case,” Filenko said. “But at this point it’s probably one of the most significant ones we’ve recovered.”

Additionally, investigators learned overnight that the Lake County Department of Transportation has videos from cameras at road intersections from the time of the shooting. Investigators don’t have those DOT videos yet.