This is what 750 million words about Donald Trump look like

Donald Trump uses Twitter as tool for attacks
Donald Trump uses Twitter as tool for attacks


    Donald Trump uses Twitter as tool for attacks


Donald Trump uses Twitter as tool for attacks 02:47

Washington (CNN)There's no doubt Donald Trump has dominated the political conversation this summer. Here's what that domination looks like, according to Zignal Labs, a company that keeps track of every tweet, news story, blog post, video, print article and every time Donald Trump was mentioned on television, between June 15, when he announced his presidential run, and the end of August.

They found that there have been nearly 750 million words used regarding Trump.
Their word cloud reflects the top words used when mentioning Trump and words that are most commonly used are larger.
This week, the word most mentioned when discussing Trump in the news, on the internet and on social media, according to Zignal, is "Twitter."
    Trump, of course, is known for his prolific and often fiery tweets and for using the social media platform to attack his opponents.
    According to CEO Josh Ginsberg, Zignal Labs "brings in every publicly available data point we can get our hands on" and then processes the data in a pipeline, "in real time."
    The data excludes "Donald Trump" mentions and includes words used when discussing him — whether he is referred to as "Donald Trump," "Trump," "The Donald," and "Trump 2016," among others. It also excludes curse words.
    Zignal also indexed all of the emojis used when discussing Trump in public social media posts— largely on Twitter, and found that the tear-faced emoji is the one most commonly used.
    And this word cloud reflects the top 15 hashtags used when discussing Trump: