More ADHD cases being diagnosed at younger ages, report finds

Researchers are encouraged by data that says children with ADHD are being diagnosed.

Story highlights

  • One-third of children with ADHD were diagnosed before age 6
  • 76% of children with ADHD were diagnosed before age 9
  • Report: 30% say school or day care suggested diagnosis of ADHD

Atlanta (CNN)One-third of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the United States have been found to be diagnosed before 6 years old, according to a new report.

While there's concern about possible misdiagnosis at a such a young age, researchers involved with the report say the data shows promising trends on how children with the neurobehavioral disorder are being diagnosed.
ADHD rates have been rising at about 5% a year for well over a decade, and there is still no definitive test for diagnosis. That's especially true for children younger than 6, for which there are fewer measures available to those trying to make an accurate diagnosis.