Daniel Craig hopes his Bond ‘is not as sexist’

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Craig said he thinks superspy Bond is lonely

The actor says he's not sure he'll return to the role

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Have we seen the end of James Bond, the ladies’ man?

Probably not, but the actor who currently portrays him would like to think his version is more of a modern man.

Daniel Craig recently told Esquire UK that he has some very specific thoughts about the character he will next portray in the upcoming “Spectre.”

“Hopefully, my Bond is not as sexist and misogynistic” as earlier incarnations, he said. “The world has changed. I am certainly not that person. But he is, and so what does that mean? It means you cast great actresses and make the parts as good as you can for the women in the movies.”

Daniel Craig stars as James Bond in November's "Spectre."

It’s been a decade since Craig took over from Pierce Brosnan in the Bond franchise. And despite the tradition of the superspy bedding lovely ladies, Craig said, he sees his character as pretty sad.

“He’s very f***ing lonely,” Craig says now. “There’s a great sadness. He’s f***ing these beautiful women, but then they leave, and it’s … sad.”

“And as a man gets older, it’s not a good look,” Craig added. “It might be a nice fantasy – that’s debatable – but the reality, after a couple of months …”

“Spectre” is due in theaters November 6, and there is speculation that it may be Craig’s last turn in the role. When asked by Esquire whether his time as Bond has draw to a close, he responded, “I really don’t know. Honestly. I’m not trying to be coy.”

And although he said he’d miss portraying the character, he’s not particularly eager to star in another Bond film.

“I have a life, and I’ve got to get on with it a bit,” he said. “But we’ll see.”