Don Lemon's favorite TV moments

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  • Don Lemon and John Berman are teammates for "The CNN Quiz Show TV Edition"
  • Archie Bunker is Don's favorite TV character
  • Don's favorite TV theme song is "The Jeffersons"

(CNN)What's your favorite show currently on TV? Besides "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon," I'd have to say "Empire."

What's your favorite TV show of all time? "The Jeffersons" or "Dynasty." Do I have to pick one?
If you were in a TV show, what genre would it be? A dramady like "All in the Family."
    Which TV character do you wish you could be/would you want to play? I'd like to be Will Robinson. I'd like to play Lucious Lyon.
    Which TV character would people say you're most like? Jamal on "Empire."
    Favorite TV theme song? "The Jeffersons"
    What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up? It's a tossup -- "Lost in Space" and "The Jeffersons"
    Who was your first TV actor/actress crush? Robbie on "My Three Sons" and Jill Monroe on "Charlie's Angels"
    Who is your favorite TV character? Archie Bunker
    Who's your all-time favorite TV detective? Jim Rockford
    TV doctor? Marcus Welby
    TV lawyer? Denny Crane from "Boston Legal"
    Favorite cartoon? "The Jetsons"
    Favorite TV animal star? Lassie
    Favorite commercial? Wendy's Russian fashion show
    Favorite reality show? I don't really watch reality TV shows.
    Favorite game show? "$25,000 Pyramid" -- The winner's circle was amazing.
    All-time favorite finale episode? "Golden Girls"
    What was the most memorable TV moment you watched growing up? Florida Evans leaving "Maude" (to start her own show)
    Who was your favorite TV news anchor or reporter? Peter Jennings and Bryant Gumbel
    What was the most memorable TV news moment you experienced growing up? Nixon leaving office
    What's been the most memorable TV news moment you covered? Katrina, 9/11, Obama inauguration and Ferguson riots
    What show is your current guilty pleasure? "TMZ Live"
    If you could make a cameo on any show, which show would you choose? "Empire"
    Favorite TV kiss? Will and Alicia on "The Good Wife"
      Favorite TV fight? Any fight between Alexis and Crystal on "Dynasty"
      Funniest TV moment? A scene from "The Golden Girls" called "A Little Romance." A little person comes over for dinner. Brilliant.