Your daily news recap: Police deaths, Katrina anniversary, leopard cubs

Officers killed in line of duty

Police in Texas are grieving after a man went up to a deputy who was walking back into his patrol car in a Chevron parking lot and shot the Harris County officer multiple times. Deputy Darren H. Goforth, 47, died at the scene and the man disappeared, but his image was captured on surveillance video.
"I have been in law enforcement (for) 45 years," Sheriff Ron Hickman said. "I don't recall another incident this cold-blooded and cowardly."
    In Michigan, a state trooper was killed when the motorcycle he was on was struck by a trailer being towed by a car. According to police, Trooper Chad Wolf was dragged by the trailer for miles before the car's 72-year-old driver pulled over at a rest area. Wolf died at a hospital.

    Life 10 years after Katrina

    More than 1,800 people died along the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina smashed ashore 10 years ago. Americans were horrified by the images of the destruction and death. A decade later, if you visit New Orleans, where much of the devastation happened, you'll see signs of regrowth.
    President Obama made the trip this week and talked about change that still needs to occur to make recovery complete. On Thursday, he argued Hurricane Katrina "started out as a natural disaster" but "became a man-made one -- a failure of government to look out for its own citizens." The President toured the hard-hit Treme and Lower Ninth Ward neighborhoods.
    In the mostly African-American Lower Ninth Ward, where Obama spoke, the recovery efforts are varied: His venue was a multi-million dollar community center, built with the help of federal funds after Katrina, that sits only blocks from the abandoned cars and blighted lots that have become symbols of a slow recovery.

    Bringing up babies

    It's been a tough week news wise, and we thought it be a nice time for a moment of "Awww!" So .. snow leopard cubs.
    The Brookfield Zoo in Chicago shared baby pictures on Friday of the yet-to-be named little ones. They are going to hang out with Mom, Sarani, until mid-October when they'll make their public debut.