Sheriff's office in Michigan searches for possible highway shooter

Story highlights

  • A report of damage to a car lead a Sheriff's office to turn up similar cases
  • The damage to multiple vehicles is consistent with gunshots
  • No one has been reported injured

(CNN)Authorities in southern Michigan are investigating the possibility that someone fired upon vehicles on two freeways.

Several motorists driving on I-94 and I-69, notified law enforcement that their vehicles sustained damage from some type of projectile, the Calhoun County Sheriff's Office said.
Authorities received the first report on Aug 19. That report led police to uncover more cases dating between July 29 and August 21.
    Tests from one of the investigations confirmed the damage found on one car was consistent with a bullet. Law enforcement said that other cases also likely resulted from the use of a weapon.
    The incidents have occurred during the night and in broad daylight.
    No one has been reported injured.