Miley Cyrus' VMAs are sure to shock: Six shows to watch this week

Story highlights

  • Miley Cyrus hosts what is promised to be a "raw" MTV VIdeo Music Awards
  • "Falling Skies" ends a five-year run Sunday

(CNN)From Britney and Madonna's kiss to Kanye barging in on Taylor Swift's acceptance speech, and anything to do with Lady Gaga, the Video Music Awards always give us something to talk (and tweet and Facebook) about the next day.

It's one of six shows to watch this week:
1. MTV Video Music Awards, Sunday 9 p.m. ET, MTV
    With Miley Cyrus as the mistress of ceremonies this year, how can it not be a show filled with over-the-top moments?
    Cyrus told The New York Times that she's been given a large amount of control over the show and former MTV executive Van Toffler -- according to Cyrus -- encouraged her to let loose.
    So it's anyone's guess how she will top her 2013 performance.
    As for the awards themselves (which are almost an afterthought) -- surprise! -- there's lots of Taylor Swift among the nominees. We'll be surprised if she doesn't clean up (though Ed Sheeran and Beyonce are forces to be reckoned with).
    And the aforementioned West will receive the Video Vanguard Award, so prepare yourself mentally for that.
    2. "Falling Skies," Sunday 10 p.m., TNT (Like CNN, TNT is a Time Warner network.)
    After five seasons, the apocalyptic alien invasion show starring Noah Wyle bids farewell.
    It's been a fairly dark series from the beginning, so we'll see whether humanity ends up victorious when all is said and done.
    3. "The Whispers," Monday 10 p.m., ABC
    The creepy summer series about children's not-so-innocent "imaginary friends" comes to a likely end on Monday night. The series hasn't been renewed as of now.
    4. "Scream," Tuesday 10 p.m., MTV
    The TV reboot of the horror movie series will be back for a second season, but until then the masked killer in the first season is revealed in the finale.
    (And this being "Scream," there will be wink-wink references to this being a season finale.)
    5. "Mr. Robot," 10 p.m. ET Wednesday, USA
    Critics have praised this summer series about a paranoid security engineer-turned-hacktivist. The season finale airs this week (after a delay, due to the Virginia TV shooting), but it will return for season two next year.
    6. "Mistresses," Thursday 9 p.m., ABC
    The soap came back this summer for a third season, minus original star Alyssa Milano. Whether it returns after this week's finale remains a mystery.